Why I’m #GladXavier

March remains one of my favorite months of the year for a few reasons. Winter ends, spring arrives, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, March Madness, and, most importantly, my birthday. Sometimes Easter falls in March, too. This year, I have the opportunity to attend SXSW for work, which I’m sure will be awesome. Busy times! Yet, there’s a sense of hope in the air as the underdog makes it to the Final Four, you make it through drinking Guinness at 8 AM, and flowers begin to bloom.

While all these fabulous things happen in March, I want to focus on one today: March Gladness. If you know one thing about me, it’s probably that I went to Xavier University and am a super fan. I serve as President for the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter and hold season tickets for the Men’s Basketball Team. Full disclosure: I’m engaged and involved. And I want you to join me. 🙂


March Gladness

With all that said, I want to help spread the word about the upcoming March Gladness campaign that runs from March 1 – March 2, 2017.

March Gladness is “a 48-hour giving campaign focused on donors, NOT dollars. Xavier students, alumni, parents, faculty/staff and friends can make a gift of any size to the fund/program of their choice, and spread the word about what makes them #GladXavier!”

Here are 4 reasons why I support March Gladness:

Reason #1: It’s about donors, not dollars. My empire is not exactly where I’d like it to be so I don’t have plenty of cash to drop and get a building or wing named after me. (side note: Kristy Beagle Hall does have a nice ring to it, though). This bums me out. However, with this campaign, you’d don’t have to drop massive change to feel like you matter. $25, $100, $1,000, $5 – whatever you got, give. It’s about getting the most amount of people to donate what they can without putting a price tag on it. In my opinion, this encourages a broader audience to participate and feel like their gift matters. You don’t have to be a major donor or bequeath your estate to make a difference.

Reason #2: You can specify where you want your money to go. Went on Alternative Break? Donate to them. Were you an RA and love Res Life? Donate to them. Want to keep the lights on? Donate to the Annual Fund. You say where your dollars go and what matters to you.

Reason 3: It’s a social first campaign. You know there has got to be a social media aspect! You can easily publish on social media after you donate to help share to your own networks. Plus, it’s about spreading the word about what makes you #GladXavier. This hashtag represents what makes you happy to be a part of the Xavier fam. It helps create a buzz on social about the campaign and all of the excellent things that make up Xavier.

Reason 4: Swag. Seriously. You get a t-shirt if you donate. Last year, there were some pretty sweet shades that I still rock.

I’ll be volunteering on March 1 at the Marquette game inside Cintas! Stop by and see me to make your gift. Skip one Bud Light and donate the $7.50! You can also donate online or on-campus (in Alter Hall and Fenwick outside of the Hoff Dining Hall).


The title of this post is why I’m #GladXavier. This blog post would turn into War and Peace if I listed every reason. In a nutshell, I have the life I lead thanks to Xavier. I met my husband in Cincinnati. Wouldn’t have moved here if it weren’t for Xavier. I work for Sociality Squared, which my college roommate founded. So without Xavier, there goes my career in social media. Girls’ night, brunches, and breweries. Wouldn’t go to the events I do if I hadn’t met the best lifetime friends a gal could ask for there. My sense of social justice. Instilled strongly by that Jesuit education and our motto “All for One. One for All.” I know Xavier is not perfect or faultless, but I’m always #GladXavier.

If you see me using #GladXavier over the next few days, you’ll know why.

The goal is to get 1,000 donors in 48 hours. Let’s do it.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, drop me a line! I can direct you to the right place. For my fellow Muskies, why are you #GladXavier? Share in the comments!





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